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(Please read this section carefully before filling the form)


1.    Only one registration form is required per family

1.1.    Family includes husband, wife, unmarried children and dependent parent(s).
1.2.    Relation Type: Son, Daughter, Father & Mother

2.    Complete the online registration form by providing all the applicable information.

3.    Registration will be on first come first serve basis.

4.    Knanaya Jacobite registrants need to get signature from their local Knanaya priest and the local KCCNA unit official.

5.    Foreign Registrants (people from outside USA and Canada) are not considered as part of family and therefore require separate registrations and their registrations need to be approved by their respective Knanaya association.

6.    All single Registrant between the age of 18 and 21 should have a custodian above the age of 35 registered for the convention.

7.    Registration officials will verify the registration and reserves the right to reject any given application.


8.    Payment

8.1.    Online: Online payment is available for your convenience.

8.2.    Check: Please include your check along with registration receipt (which will be generated at the end of the Online Registration process) and mail them to the address mentioned in the receipt before the deadline date.  Any bounced Check will automatically make the registration invalid. We also accept Money Order/ Cashier’s Check.

8.3.    To take advantage of the registration discount, payment should be made by the Early Bird registration deadline.

8.4.    Partial Payment will not be accepted

8.5.    Registration process will complete only after the payment is received.

8.6.    Registrants who complete the registration process early will be given priority for room allocations and banquet seating’s.


9.    Airport shuttles will be available. More detailed information will be announced later.

10.    Parking is free for Registration Packages i to viii at the Hotel and Convention Center.

11.    Daily additional parking will be made available for Registration Packages i to x at a discounted rate of $15 per day. More details will be announced later.

12.    Free Parking & Daily Parking is limited to one vehicle per Registrants with ONLY one free access per day if parked at Hyatt. McCormick parking has unlimited access per day.


13.    Banquet tickets are available only for registrants. Everyone must have a ticket to get a banquet seating.

14.    Those Registrants who need additional Banquet ticket MUST purchase Banquet tickets at the time of registration.

15.    Banquet main course meal will have an option of A) Chicken B)  Fish, Combo of Chicken and Beef or Vegetarian. Children under 12 will be served kids meal.

16.    Registrants who have any specific preferences, please specify it under the "ADDITIONAL REQUESTS / SPECIAL NEEDS" section of the registration form.


17.    One room is already included in the initial registration except for Benefactor-Family, Benefactor-Single, Foreign-Family and Foreign-Single types of registration package.

18.    As per Hotel Rules & Regulation the maximum allowed room occupancy is Five (5) per room.

19.    Registrants cannot reserve rooms directly with the hotel for discounted prices.


20.    Limited Meal coupons are included only for Diamond, Platinum, Golden, Mega & Grand sponsor Registration Packages.

21.    For all other registration packages, meals will be available for purchase at the food court, which will include varieties of Cuisines.


22.    Souvenir and program DVD is part of the package and will be made available at no additional cost.

23.    Souvenir Committee should be contacted for information on advertisements and other details pertaining to souvenir

24.    Registrants have the option to upgrade to a bigger space in the souvenir during the registration process.


25.    Sightseeing packages will be announced later. For more information, please contact Sightseeing Committee.


26.    Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 31st, 2013

27.    Final Registration Deadline: March 31th, 2014

28.    Registrants can get the discounted rates only if they register and pay in full on or before the Early Bird Registration deadline.


29.    All information pertaining to Security/Code of Conduct will be announced prior to the Convention.

30.    All Registrants are expected to and are encouraged to strictly follow the Security/Code of Conduct guidelines.


31.    Please download the registration form from KCCNA website

32.    Duly fill the form and get the approval from your local unit.

33.    Send the completed form along with the check to the manual registration address

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