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An open letter from KCCCF, Tampa

Dear North American Knanaya Brothers and Sisters;


Have you ever wondered or thought about the specialty of the phrase "proud to be a kna"? Being a kna is a gift from our ancestors that, along with our traditions and culture,  has been passed down since AD 345. This gift is very unique and one that we cherish to our hearts. The love and affection between the knanaits is due to the strong unity amongst ourselves. Around 40 to 50 years ago, a migration took place to the United States by the knanaits in order to bring a better lifestyle with more opportunities for their families. This migration was started solely by the people and their families. In order to preserve their knanaya traditions, we started numerous associations throughout the United States.  

We all know that there was a time in 2011 when KCCNA was in a state of uncertainty about the location and time of the 2012 KCCNA Convention. During that time of uncertainty, KCCCF (Tampa) came forward and supported KCCNA by finding a location to host the 2012 convention. KCCCF Tampa had no intentions to host the 2012 KCCNA Convention initially, and in fact we were very happy for Chicago. KCCCF  came forward and looked for possible locations to host the convention, within a short period of time, in order to help KCCNA, upon their request. With this being said, it is the duty and responsibility of the local associations and each  knanaya  members' to uphold KCCNA, because KCCNA is the only layman organization that always preserves the endogamous traditions of the knanites. 

Now to arrive at the current issue, there has been numerous rumors regarding the recent meeting in Los Angeles. The recent messages, meetings, and conversations regarding membership in Knanaya Missions/Parishes, is not applicable to KCCNA or Local Knanaya Associations. The membership criteria which Mar. Mathew Moolakat stated is only applicable to the Mission/Parish, but NOT KCCNA or the local associations. No matter what, KCCNA and the local associations WILL preserve the Knanaya endogamy in the United States. 

 In order to show the unity of the Knanaya community, we  humbly request every Proud Knanaite to register for the 2012 KCCNA Convention. Thus, showing our determination to protect the endogamy and our traditions.


 KCCCF Executive

 Tampa, Florida.

Joseph Uppoottil

Joby uralil

James Pulickathottil

Daisy Erapurathu

Anil Karathuruthel.